Sunset Series

Redefine. Recharge. Reconnect.

July 4th - August 31st


Q: How does prizing work?
A: Top participants are guaranteed prizes, but that's not the only way to to win big. For every point you have, you get an entry into a draw for a Nintendo Switch! 👀 The draw will take place at the end of Sunset Series.
Q: How are my points recorded?
A: The organizer at each event will record and assign points using your Discord tag and ID. We'll use your tag to identify you and to show off how many points you have on our Leaderboard.
Q: Do I have to pay to participate Sunset Series?
A: No, the majority of Sunset Series events will be free. Regular events (weeklies, bi-weeklies) will always be free, however some special events and tournaments may have entry fees. Any entry fees will go back towards a prize pot.
Have more questions? Reach out to us at to ask!